Wikipedia Blackout

So, I just heard that Evanescence is going to have a concert here on February 2012.

Wikipedia Blacked out

Wikipedia, blacked out

So I googled Evanescence to read information about how the band is coming along and went ahead to go to my ever reliable Wikipedia only to find out that it’s blacked out!

According to Daily Mail Reporter:

Wikipedia shut down its English-language site today in protest at plans to police the internet and combat piracy.

An estimated 100million people will be affected by the one-day closure of the online encyclopaedia, which has become a vital tool for businesses and students – although, surprisingly, the mobile version of the site still works perfectly well, albeit with a protest banner at the top.

It’s part of a wave of online protest. Sites and services such as BoingBoing, Reddit, WordPress and Metafilter are fully or partially ‘blacking out’ in support. Services such as Google, Craigslist and Firefox are hosting messages in support.

The horror! LOL

Upon further googling, I found out that Wikipedia blacks out their website in protest over some online piracy bill.
Why do I care? Well, I use Wikipedia in my work too as a part time Hollywood news writer. So I guess I would have to find other ways to get Hollywood stars’ bios and movie info.

So on with my life…