Faith Goals

In no particular order
      1. Set up a blog.
      2. Study culinary arts.
      3. Meet Edward Norton in person.
      4. Meet Tom Cruise in person.
      5. Meet Michel Roux in person.
      6. Culinary internship in The Waterside Inn.
      7. Start a charity organization.
      8. Start a productive vegetable, herb and fruit tree farm.
      9. Grow my own tilapia and bangus for personal and commercial use.
      10. Start my own 50’s 60’s themed restaurant 🙂
      11. Set up a firefly and butterfly conservation center 🙂
      12. Go to Kyrgyzstan, East Timor, Cambodia and Africa for missions.
      13. Go to Italy, the Caribbeans, New Zealand, France, Norway and Switzerland for vacation 🙂
      14. Have my own pastry shop 🙂
      15. To be able to initiate or be part of something that has great influence in ending hunger in the Philippines.
      16. ..then eventually in the world.
      17. Lose 15 lbs and never gain it back! 🙂
      18. Renovate my Lolo and Lola’s house 🙂
      19. Lead 10 young women to know God.
      20. Meet Jesus.

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