Wikipedia Blackout

So, I just heard that Evanescence is going to have a concert here on February 2012.

Wikipedia Blacked out

Wikipedia, blacked out

So I googled Evanescence to read information about how the band is coming along and went ahead to go to my ever reliable Wikipedia only to find out that it’s blacked out!

According to Daily Mail Reporter:

Wikipedia shut down its English-language site today in protest at plans to police the internet and combat piracy.

An estimated 100million people will be affected by the one-day closure of the online encyclopaedia, which has become a vital tool for businesses and students – although, surprisingly, the mobile version of the site still works perfectly well, albeit with a protest banner at the top.

It’s part of a wave of online protest. Sites and services such as BoingBoing, Reddit, WordPress and Metafilter are fully or partially ‘blacking out’ in support. Services such as Google, Craigslist and Firefox are hosting messages in support.

The horror! LOL

Upon further googling, I found out that Wikipedia blacks out their website in protest over some online piracy bill.
Why do I care? Well, I use Wikipedia in my work too as a part time Hollywood news writer. So I guess I would have to find other ways to get Hollywood stars’ bios and movie info.

So on with my life…

Victory | Living by the Spirit: 2012 Seven Days of Prayer and Fasting

Victory | Living by the Spirit: 2012 Seven Days of Prayer and Fasting

New hunger. New longing. New revelation. SAME GOD.

I am so excited to officially start 2012 by devoting 7 days of praying and fasting for my country, the world, church, youth, family, friends and myself.

Join us!


Victory | Living by the Spirit: 2012 Seven Days of Prayer and Fasting.

Me and Culinary

Whisk and Eggs

Culinary Dreams 🙂

So I took up Culinary Arts. After years of planning, waiting and believing, I was able to enroll at Global Academy.

It took me over 5 years before I was able to realize my dream. I never knew it could actually happen.

I had so many issues and doubts before.

Can I afford the tuition fees?

Do I really have the skills for it?

Is my passion for food enough?

How can I juggle work and school?

So many questions.. But God silenced my doubts with a gentle reassurance.

The blessing of the LORD brings wealth, and he adds no trouble to it.

Proverbs 10:22

It is God who led me here, it is He who birthed this desire to study culinary arts and it will be Him who will provide and help me to be where I am supposed to be.

Today, I am living my dream and making it happen. With God, nothing is indeed impossible. I cant wait to stat internship 🙂

Meet Edward Norton in person.

Edward Norton

Edward Norton, one rare Hollywood actor

Gosh, I do not really know when this will happen but I will keep this in the list.

I would really want to meet Edward Norton in person 🙂

I have three reasons why I want to meet him:

Reason #1: I will state the obvious. I am a huge Edward Norton fan. I think he is one rare Hollywood actor. His effortless and brilliant portrayal of his characters in films are just incomparable. My favorite Edward Norton films are Keeping the Faith, Leaves of Grass, Fight Club and American History X.

Edward Norton for Crowdrise

Edward Norton for Crowdrise

Reason #2: Edward Norton is one of the influential people behind Crowdrise. I got this excerpt from their About Us page:

Crowdrise is about giving back, raising tons of money for charity and having the most fun in the world while doing it.

I really wanted to join Crowdrise but I feel like I can only do little for now. I am new to all these social media stuff. I don’t have Facebook or Twitter yet. I saw in their website about raising money for Malawi Conservation, holding marathons and other fund raising activities. Sounds like a lot of fun! 🙂 I hope Edward Norton would not stop giving back. He inspires me to also dream to make a difference and help.

Crowdrise is way more fun than anything else aside from being all nervous about trying to kiss a girl for the first time and her not saying something like ‘you’ve got to be kidding me.’

Haha! I totally agree with that one 🙂

Reason #3: I am hoping to have coffee or tea with Edward Norton even just for an hour, 30 minutes or even just 10 minutes and have a little chit chat. Haha! Kinda impossible but oh well, who knows 🙂

Well, I guess I will just have to pray and wait until it happens. Who knows, maybe one day God will allow it 🙂



As part of the New Year’s stuff, I am starting 2012 with a blog.
This is my first time to blog and being a very private person, I am a little hesitant
to do this but at the same time I like the idea of having an online “journal”
that I can read maybe how many years from now 🙂

I am thrilled to share with the world a bit about my life 🙂